What is the use of living if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place? Winston Churchill


For such a time as this!  These are critical times!  We must take a stand now!  The Reformation in the 16th century altered the history of the Christian church and now it is our turn to alter the course of the future!  It is time for the Christians to return to their Christian heritage and reclaim our country.  "Until we are One"TM Nation under God again!  It is time for the "Church" to awaken and take back our homes, communities, cities, and country for the good of mankind!  It is time for Revival and Restoration!

Only when a group of people are willing to come together (unite) for a common cause and lay aside one's self and differences, are battles won, freedom won or kept, changes made and the course of our future changed for the good of mankind! We are a mighty force when united as One in Christ.  Our greatest weapon against the enemy is unity!  As long as the enemy can keep us divided, he can keep us defeated!

Our Founder's came together and by nothing short of a miracle, drafted our Constitution which, helped create one of the greatest nations on earth!  These are critical times!  If something is not done now through unity, prayer, and standing for what is Right, we will lose our Christian freedoms and our Constitutional rights as we know it today!  Groups like Progressive Christians Uniting - www.progressivechristiansuniting.org and Believe out Loud - www.beleiveoutloud.com are infiltrating into our churches and the group GLSEN - www.glsen.com is infiltrating our schools to indoctrinate our children.  Americans United for Separation of Church and State - www.au.org and the ACLU - www.aclu.org are encroaching on our religious freedoms.  And the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL)www.naral.org has pushed for taxpayer funding of abortion for the FULL nine months of pregnancy!!!

Millions of children will continue to be murdered, marriage will be re-defined, our children will be indoctrinated and our society will crumble at its core!

We must take a stand now!

"Until we are One"TM